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Industry, Energy, Environment, Mobility/Transport, Banking and Insurance, Health, etc. many economic sectors in Switzerland rely on interim executive management. A trend which has accelerated after the health crisis and in the wake of the war in Ukraine. The growing demand for interim executive management in Europe shows the return on investment achieved by companies/organisations facing new challenges and inevitable changes.

Opening of a new market in Africa - Senegal

A French interim manager for an Italian chemical company

The problem:

An Italian company that produces chemicals for agriculture contacts Contract Manager for a managerial support in the development of their sales on the African market. Their aim is to improve sales in the African territory.

Contract Manager involves Procadres International, French partner of TMG-transition management group with a remarkable experience of African markets.

The solution:

In a short time, Procadres International selects a French manager of Congolese origin with a deep knowledge of the African market and previous experience as Sales director in companies of the same industry.

The Italian company’s goal is to develop their sales with special regard to the following countries: Senegal and Ivory Coast for Western Africa and Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia for Eastern Africa.

The interim manager, together with another Procadres expert, made a survey on the main countries to single out the companies that may be interested in distributing Italian chemicals for agriculture.

Following the survey there was a meeting with the client company where it was decided to start from Senegal, as that is the country in West Africa where it is hardest to register products due to the custom laws and the sales network that consists of mostly small shops.

Subsequently, the manager went to Senegal to better understand the markets potential and the specific commercial needs. The research confirmed the initial hypothesis: Senegal is an interesting market for the Italian client, especially as far as some specific products are concerned.

A business plan was implemented, and it highlighted a good potential for both the client company and the distributor. A local distributor was singled out and after the signing of a contract, a six months trial phase has started to test and promote the selected fertilizer.

The goal of this phase is to allow the products to self-promote, to convince big companies and small farms of their quality.

Given the good results, two more African markets will be scouted with the same method of commercial strategy.

Production manager at the site - Tunisia

The most important tasks and services provided:

  • Management of production (shift operation) with 80 employees
  • Turnaround management in an important strategic project, restructuring production and building a sustainable organization
  • Introduction Lean Manufacturing in the new line
  • Ensuring and improving delivery reliability towards a major customer
  • Improve productivity and optimize quality management
  • Training new management team and training of employees

Testimonial of the client:

We were extremely satisfied with the services and results of the interim managers of aim ad interim management ag. Thank you for your valuable commitment.

An interim export manager for a textile company - Italia

Starting position:

The company works in the textile industry and it is one of the most qualified in that field. A family company, very attentive to quality and design, it experienced a quick development when it acquired the licenses of important brands of top-quality female clothing. The property has developed sales abroad since the early 2000s, successfully entering the markets of the former Soviet Union. The company has recently started to work on the Chinese market but in Europe sales are occasional and not continuous. It is not present in the US, Japan, Korea and Australia. The constant drop of turnover in Italy, their main market, and the exit of a key figure in the Foreign Trade area caused the property to reconsider their strategy. It is now crucial to strenathen the Foreign Trade area and to create a solid structure.

Objectives of the temporary Manager:

  • To immediately take up the position of Foreign Sales Manager, organizing the available human resources and becoming the only referent for all matters concerning International development
  • To coordinate the activity of all the resources in the Foreign sales area
  • To define target countries to increase the turnover
  • To create a complete sales network, made up of employees, agents and distributors, in order to guarantee a proper coverage of the target markets
  • 7o improve the present sales bolicy


  • Kick off and tutoring of a new external resource responsible for the Middle East area and North Africa
  • Upgrading of the Chinese agent to the status of distributor
  • Improvement of the distribution in Azerbaijan with periodic travels to key clients
    Coaching of a junior internal resource, with more operational experience and direct involvement in the new project in the States.
  • Planning, organization and commercial start up in the United States with active participation to the exhibitions and display fairs of the industry
  • New commercial activities in areas that are not properly covered
  • New back office resource with possible future career in the Export Sales office
  • Analysis, assessment and improvement of the commercial situation, definition of new tools for control, evaluation of legal and contractual situation, management or relations with the communication office for catalogues, website, newsletter and customers’ follow up.
  • Travels abroad to analyze the distribution and its development, to present samples and collect orders.


    • +30% orders during the first six months of assignment, leading to a +24% increase in turnover
    • +30% Increase in turnover at the end of the assignment and the opening of new markets such as the United states
    • Improved relationships with the main clients and new accounts, improved internal management and export activities and a stable situation based on the new course of action defined by Contract Manager

    Merger & Acquisition case - Eastern Europe

    Starting position:

    An Italian Group active in the manufacturing industry with several companies in Italy and abroad, decides to sell a subsidiary in East Europe as part of a geographical repositioning strategy. The subsidiary is profitable and has a positive turnover, it is also facing further development thanks to the overall positive economic situation of the country and to Eu funds for development. The sale and its details, such as the minimum value of the transaction, are decided by the Italian holding. Inside the Group there are no professionals available to manage the operation, both due to the time it takes and for its complexity.

    Obiectives of the temporarv manager:

    • To immediately take up the position of Supervisor for Foreign Subsidiaries to manage the transfer of the company. This position becomes the onlv reference for the operation, for both the Managing Director of the holding and the General Manager of the subsidiary.
    • To collect all the data to establish the value of the company and the target of the operation.
    • To select and form a team of financial, legal and ICT consultants in the foreign country, to entrust with the various professional tasks, after having discussed all the contractual and economic aspects
    • To draw up a detailed plan of the operation together with the team of consultants.
      To carefully attend to every single phase of the activity plan, reporting every month to the group Holding
    • To assist the legal representative of the holding during the closing of the operation and in all the following related activities.


      • Kick off of the M&A operation
      • Long transfer in the subsidiary, to collect data and to inform the general management and to create a support staff
      • Evaluation of the value of the subsidiary
      • Research and selection of the team of consultants
      • Negotiation and elaboration of the consultancy contracts
      • Creation of the teaser to introduce to potential buvers
      • Creation of a long list of potential buyers
      • Creation of a short list of interested buyers
      • Non-disclosure agreement and non-binding offer request to the companies in the short list
      • Selection of the potential buyers with whom to start a negotiation in order to obtain a binding offer
      • Opening and manage a virtual data room
      • Final negotiation and signing of a preliminary contract (Asset Transfer Agreement) with the best bidder
      • Writing of the final contracts
      • Formal communication to employees
      • Closing of the operation at the notary office.


      • A precise and detailed management of a comblex sale process
      • All the deadlines were respected, and the operation closed in 12 months from the kick off
      • The rinal consideration paid was 60% higher than the Holding expected
      • The operation closed with the satisfaction of the employees of the subsidiary

      Production manager at the site - Poland

      The most important tasks and services provided:

      • Production management with 150 employees.
      • Turnaround management in a maior proiect, restructuring of production and development of a future organisation.
      • Introduction of Lean Manufacturing with DPS, 5s and white boards.
      • Securing and improving delivery reliability.
      • Improve productivity and optimize quality management.
      • Training of the new management team and training of the employees.

      Testimonial of the client:

      We were extremely satisfied with the services and results of the interim managers of aim ad interim management ag. Thank you for your valuable commitment.

      Interim head of global SAP Competence Center

      The most important tasks and services provided:

      • Management of the business application team.
      • Organization of the internal development process, as well as the 2nd and 3rd level support.
      • Management of external partners and application suppliers.
      • Introduction of the new head of SAP CC
      • Project management for the introduction of SAP Modules FI/CO, MM, SD and CS in UK, France, the Nederlands and Belgium.

        Testimonial of the client:

        The tasks were carried out in a goal-oriented, consistent and very efficient manner. The willingness to work and the commitment of the interim manager from aim ad interim management ag were above average. Despite high time pressure and a demanding starting position, the task was successfully and punctually fulfilled.

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